Monday, November 29, 2010

My goals in WoW for Cataclysm

I really want to get a server first achievement. I'm looking for server first Mage myself. Over the next few days I will explain about what I have in mind for how I am going to get this achievement.

Today I am looking at 80-85 speed leveling specs. Out of all three specs, Frost and Arcane look the best. I choose not to go fire because even though it looks aoe friendly, Blizz has stated that aoe in general is not the direction they wanted to take.

I am thinking about Frost as a leveling spec just because it's the traditional leveling spec pre 4.0.1. That, and with the ranged frost nova from the Water Elemental, and the Frostbolt Chill Cleave, it might help when I aggro more mobs than I can currently handle.

I am also thinking about Arcane because of talents, Arcane Blast can be talented to also put Slow on my current target. That, and with the high damage that Arcane Blast can pump out, I can imagine I can just shred through mobs. Improved Polymorph is going to be helpful for that needed stun.

Overall I can see myself going both ways, and with just a week left before Cataclysm, I need to get my shit together and find out what I am going to do!

Let me know what you guys think!


  1. sugar likes it..kissy kissy..;)

  2. They removed the 'server first' achievements man, they don't exist anymore.

  3. I quit WoW a month or two ago - I don't miss it one bit.
    But I can still say, I always loved fire most. No matter what I do, I just enjoy setting things ablaze.

  4. WoW is such a mystery to me, I want to play it sometime in the future

  5. followin your blog now :)

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  6. I think Brut is right. I used to play WoW but can't afford to waste my life on it (literally) and got a job instead ): not a knock to anyone that plays, rather myself.

    Good post.

  7. Agh, I hope cataclysm doesn't ruin everthing.
    Lets hope the transition goes smoothly.

  8. I have to say I'm one of the few people who honestly could not get addicted to this game. And I literally WANTED to waste away in front of my computer trying to get to level 78.