Tuesday, November 23, 2010

MtG Mondays

For the past few weeks I have been playing Magic: The Gathering on Mondays up at a restaurant called Tim Hortons. It was epic this time! Usually I don't do so hot since alot of people like to play RDW (Red Deck Wins). And since we play casual table top style, I can get creamed.

Well this time I had my semi decent vampire deck against two RDW decks. My partner on my team in the THB was using a rat deck with alot of sick control. The game went on for about 40 minutes because our opponents couldn't keep creatures out due to our creature control, and neither could our Vamps and Rats stay long because of just retarded burn spells. We were hitting them for about 4 a turn, and they were burning us for 3 a turn. one of the RDW pulled out a Wurmcoil Engine and really started to lay down the hurt. The last round we were at 1 life, and they were at 8. No more burn spells in their hands, and we had no more creature control cards. we attacked for 4 and it went through due to a swampwalk combo I pulled. They took it, and we had a defender left. Their draw. They tap a mountain, and lightning bolt us! We were so close to winning and it was almost our victory.  Then the next game I pulled out my elf deck and smashed them into the ground with an assault of 75 damage. That made me feel better.

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