Sunday, September 26, 2010

A World of Warcraft look into Mages

I have been playing the World of Warcraft for sometime now. And with the power of blogging, I thought I just might share some of the interest I have with one of the greatest classes ever created!

I've always has an affiliation with "magic" of the sorts since I was a kid. Growing up watching Dragonball Z religiously, I stared in awe watching as Goku or Vegeta shot some kind of ki blast at one of the numerous bad guys hoping that maybe one day I could do that too. Then came WoW.

My first class that I played was the mage. The idea of flinging fireballs and turning people into sheep was just to priceless. I didn't understand at the time what cc was, nor did I grasp the concept that having every skill you have on your bars was a bad idea. But dammit was teleport fun!! Then I got to 80 and immediately realized that taking all 71 points into a single tree was a huge waste of resources and just fucking stupid. I spec'd into Arcane right off the rip out of the thousands of guides that are out there. Fresh leveling greens, a proper rotation, somewhat of a cooldown management and I was raiding with pugs and not being laughed at! Infact, I was usually in the top 3 for overall damage in raids.

Then I got into an actual guild. This guild that was composed of friends that lives around me and played just as much as me, if not more. We started to raid and rocked it!!! We had no earthly idea what we were doing. We never heard of Tankspot at the time. Nor have we heard of things like what a strategy was, or what loot is actually good for our class. I had a basic understanding that I didnt want over a certain number of hit rating, but spirit seemed like a good stat for me. HA! I even seen a Hunter roll Need on the Essence of Gossamer in Heroic AN before.

Once our guild started to read up on strategies and ask people on tips and tricks of some of the bosses in the Raids, we started to progress somewhat. We became somewhat decent, but never amounted to much. We still haven't killed the Lich king on Normal mode. I blame the scrubs that can't move out of Defile.

In a future blog, maybe tonight, I might go over some of the cooldowns that Mages have and when is the best time to use them. I might even talk about the PTR's and where Mages sit right now.


  1. looking forward to the next update...

  2. @brbgensokyo

    I HATED that! As soon as it got good, the episode would completely end.

  3. I onec crapped a mage out, the thing was so big it damn near sunk my battleship... it almost the whole town!

  4. Awesome post! I have an 80 mage and paladin. Will continue to follow

  5. my parents play wow, haha ill have to tell them about this

  6. Going from lotro loremaster to wow mage and you realize something. The is NO mage in lotro :P

  7. @!Antibiootikum
    heh. I never played lotro. Even with it being f2p now I dont think that I would want to. Nothing seems enticing about the game.